strategic intelligence

Accompanying the recent evolution of China, we trust our network and our knowledge of the Chinese media environment to touch the heart of the evolution of this country.

EastIsRed allows you to understand and anticipate political trends, economic and social resources of the second world power.

Economic intelligence

What about the restructuring of Chinese shipbuilding ; how to make sure the credibility of a Chinese company and the political affiliations of its senior executives ?

We put our skills at your service due diligence, benchmarking and of monitoring to inform your economic choices.

Crisis Intelligence

Chinese partner exposed to sanctions, media crisis on social networks, new regulations … China impacts your business in unexpected ways, you need'emergency information to react well.

Thanks to our network, our skills in OSINT and social media (social listening), we support your strategic choices.


We are trained in OSINT techniques and work on Chinese sources in all their diversity.

We have many years of experience in the field.

NWe know the value of information and know where to find it.

Networks mobilized

Our network of referents in China offer a access to the land rare and precious.

Researchers, specialists et referents local enrich our analyzes.

Our analysis experience allows us to take the necessary step back to provide you with the best reports..

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