The Chinese military timeline

December 2022

Sino-Russian joint flight

Des H-6K, Chinese Air Force J-16 and Yunyou-20 participated in the joint flight. This is a routine joint strategic air patrol over from the Sea of ​​Japan. , East China Sea and Western Pacific Ocean.

01 december 2022

14 december 2022

JF-17s sold in Myanmar have technical problems

Myanmar Air Force says JF-17 fighter jets jointly made by China and Pakistan have structural problems. Chinese-made radars used in jet avionics are inaccurate and have maintenance issues, there is no effective missile beyond visual range (BVR) or air intercept radar. These defects prevented the Burmese army from using it as a 2018.

30 November 2022

Création du 13e groupe chinois d'unités du génie de maintien de la paix au Soudan du Sud

China's 13th peacekeeping engineering unit in South Sudan was officially created and plans to travel to the South Sudan mission area from late November to early December to conduct a one-year peacekeeping mission. The unit has a total of 268 people and was formed from a brigade unit of the PLA's 82nd Army Group. #Military newspaper inquiry#.

26 November 2022

Tenue d'un forum sur les frontières de la science et de la technologie de la défense, Changsha

Li Xiang, President of the National University of Defense Technology, Political Commissar Fu Aiguo and Vice Governor Chen Fei attended the meeting. 40 academicians from both academies and hundreds of military and local leaders, of experts and academics participated.

The topics of interest for discussion are :

  • the creation of a “space brain” [spatial brain], which is a new strategic plateau for contemporary space technology”.
  • High Tech Combat Areas.
  • Some Thoughts on Target Perception in the Battlefield.
  • Hypersonic Aerodynamics Research.

Destroyer Changsha se rend au Bengladesh

The destroyer registered 173 will go au “International Ship Parade” au Bangladesh, in order to “strengthen the friendship between the two countries”, according to boat commander Zou Yan [Zou Yan].

Taiwan: "in case of conflict, we have a good chance of winning"

Le ministre de la Défense de Taiwan Qiu Guozheng [Qiu Guozheng] asserted that as long as the enemy does not take control of the executive centers, he won't have won. Taiwan has its chances of winning the conflict, according to him. Wu Qian, Chinese MFA PP, replies thatif anyone dares to separate Taiwan from China, the People's Liberation Army will act decisively and strike them hard“.