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Inner Mongolia in the grip of Beijing's Jacobinism

Inner Mongolia in the grip of Beijing's Jacobinism

The first tremors of 2020 hinted at a regulated division of education in Inner Mongolia. Here we are at the culmination of Beijing's policy of negating the autonomy of this region.. A policy that is in favor of the future of Mongolian children within the Chinese nation.

L'Etat supprime l'enseignement de l'histoire et de la langue mongoles

Ce 25 august 2023, The Book and Periodical Publishing Industry Association of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region [Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Books and Periodicals Distribution Industry Association] called for the cessation of a particular publication: “The History of the Mongols” [General history of Mongolian people], marking a new stage in the crumbling of the particularism of Inner Mongolia. The institution claims to act out of necessity “to adhere to a correct vision of the history of the Party and to fight against historical nihilism”.

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