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Wall pass n°124 – both sessions

Wall pass n°124 – both sessions


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The two sessions, it's what ?

Contemporary China can hardly be called democratic, a perilous stunt that even Beijing's staunchest defenders are reluctant to replicate. However, like the Soviet Union in its time, the People's Republic of China likes to give the appearance of a classic democratic regime. On paper, China has a bicameral regime, with the People's National Assembly (ANP) and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CCPPC). More What is their role and what are the “two sessions”? The PNA is China's "supreme organ" and main legislative body.. It has nearly 2 947 delegates and has the power to amend the Constitution, to fill the highest positions in the state (Prime Minister, etc.), to enact important laws, to approve the budget of the central government and to ratify the plans for the national economic and social development. The CPPCC is an assembly without real decision-making power. Placed under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, it brings together the representatives of the eight “democratic parties” CCP allies and members of civil society, such as industry influencers, business leaders, artists, directors, etc. Delegates express different concerns, sometimes with the aim of directly serving their interests in a kind of institutionalized lobbying. Thereby, them “two sessions” correspond to the annual legislative gathering of these two assemblies, during which different laws, budgets, nominations, etc. are adopted. It is the annual meeting of the “democratic life” chinese. Nevertheless, this great choreographed spectacle only gives a democratic veneer to decisions that were made in the months preceding the event.

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