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Wall pass n°126 – Birth rate, investigation, IA & Russia

Wall pass n°126 – Birth rate, investigation, IA & Russia


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Promote birth rate in Shanxi

Shanxi is not famous for being an innovative province, the city of Jincheng is little known in China and the county of Zezhou is a small piece of nothing that does not usually attract attention. This county made headlines earlier this week with an ambitious plan to promote the birth rate and surprising ideas.

The main plan of this municipality is to offer 10 additional points on the exam to enter high school (high school entrance examination). This review, also very competitive, is all the more crucial that a bad mark leads to a bad high school and therefore chances of success in the baccalaureate (college entrance examination) greatly reduced. Zezhou has therefore decided to offer the 2nd and 3rd child 10 extra points for this exam.

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