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Wall pass n°127 – school violence, transparency & BATX

Wall pass n°127 – school violence, transparency & BATX


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Ordinary violence in Chinese schools

In 2019, le film “Better Days” (young you) featured young Zhou Dongyu being increasingly bullied by her classmates. The next year, “The Bad Boys” (hidden corner) also depicts school humiliation and violence between students. Korean or Japanese series, still popular in China, just as frequently tackle this question of bullying and school violence.

Chinese news is also full of examples indicating the gravity of the situation.. After the disappearance and suspicious death of Hu Xinyu, in Jiangxi, at the beginning of the year, it is a news item having happened unrolled in Hainan which hits the headlines. A video uploaded last week shows a young girl from 13 years old beaten with a stick, insulted and humiliated by her comrades.

Details Reveal Startling Cruelty for Teenagers. The 12 mars, young Xiao Zhu is abducted by her “friends” who beat her for three days in a village. She will end up being brought back by a lady from the village. Faced with the violence of the facts and contacted by the father of the victim, the police made the trip to find that “violence took place on both sides”. When Xiao Zhu's Relatives Uploaded Videos of the Abuse, “unknown” people came in the evening to ask the family to delete the videos. To calm anger, the school principal was thanked.

With regard to the competitiveness of the school environment, to which is added the precariousness or even poverty of rural communities where children are left to fend for themselves, these facts can only happen again. As Scott Rozelle has been writing for several years, a crucial challenge facing china is that of educating rural youth, far behind many other developing countries. In the absence of a social and educational environment offering a healthy framework for this young, the risks of seeing her drop out are real.

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