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Pre-Congress political purge: the topo EIR

Pre-Congress political purge: the topo EIR

The 26 september, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection gave its results: in just one month, she got punished 7 752 Party members for violation of discipline. 49 are senior executives at the prefecture level [Prefectural level leading cadres], either executives of high responsibility.

Zhao Leji, master of political repression, fully devoted to Xi Jinping

Master of the Discipline Control Commission, also a member of the Political Bureau, Zhao Leji [Zhao Leji] has shaken opponents of the Xi line since taking office, in October 2017. He then replaced Wang Qishan [Wang Qishan], another faithful among the faithful, who had in particular purged the army and some of Jiang Zemin's friends to make room for his commander, Xi Jinping.

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