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China in Europe #5

China in Europe #5



11The Chinese Global Media Forum took place this week in Chengdu. The event is organized by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, the Sichuan Provincial People's Government and China News Service. The theme of this forum is “Integrating Chinese and Foreign Communist Parties to Create a New Chapter”. Near 300 Chinese media representatives from 59 countries and regions from five continents participated in the forum.

Pour Zhong Cheng, at the forefront of the Chinese media offensive in the European ecosystem, Chinese information relays must now “promote learning between civilizations and links between peoples”.

  • Chinese media strategy differs greatly from that of its first model, Russia.
  • The objective is first of all to resolve the differences between the two spaces, and promote China as a well-organized and respectable country.
  • As big as the string is, it is clear that she has achieved some success.



Une délégation de la Fédération des Chinois d'outre-mer du Guangdong visite l'Espagne.

17 october 2023: Vice President Xie Huirong of the Guangdong Federation of Overseas Chinese Delegation to Spain have visited the Guangdong Association (Guangdong, Hong Kong et Macao) of the Kingdom of Spain.

  • All the associations that matter in Spain were present at the meeting.

    • Zhang Jin and Jiang Zhenshi of the Overseas Chinese Federation Embassy of Spain, Guangdong (Guangdong, Hong Kong et Macao) of the Kingdom of Spain).
    • Zhu Runqing of the Hometown Association. Chen Jianxin of the Spanish Association of Overseas Chinese,
    • Zhu Xiaohai from the Spanish Association of Qingtian Hometowns,
    • Jiang Tongguan de l’ Fujian Hometown Spanish Association,
    • Li Xinyu of the Spanish Association of Wenzhou Hometowns
    • Lin Jinghuang de l’ Spanish Association of Women Entrepreneurs
    • Xu Limin, president of the Spanish Evergreen Club,
    • Chen Deyuan, consultant of the Spanish Association of Entrepreneurs, and many representatives of overseas Chinese groups in Spain, as well as the executive vice president of the Guangdong Association (Guangdong, Hong Kong et Macao) of the Kingdom of Spain

  • This gives an idea of ​​the place occupied by the Federation of Overseas Chinese, as a business provider between China and the rest of the world.

Chongqing Fly - promotion of journeys between China and Spain.

A group promoting the newly established international route “ Chongqing Fly·Chongqing-Madrid » of the Chongqing Hainan Airlines Airport Group was held in Spain [Source].

More 80 people from local Spanish travel agencies and related companies attended the meeting.

The line reflects the increase in the volume of Chinese visitors to Spain. This year, Madrid hosted approximately 100 000 Chinese tourists. A year-over-year increase of 1 069 %.


Ham smuggling dismantled

Spanish police dismantled a gang suspected of violating industrial property rights and specializing in the export of Iberian ham products in Fuenlabrada, Madrid. [Source].

This criminal association is in the hands of Chinese expatriates.


La police espagnole reçoit un prix honorifique de l'Association d'amitié et de coopération Espagne-Chine

The 17 october, Wang Xin, President of the Spain-China Friendship and Cooperation Association, and his delegation visited the police headquarters of the autonomous region of Aragon in Spain and met with the new director of the headquarters, Martin Parra).

Alvaro Rodriguez, police chief of the province of Zaragoza attended the meeting. Xu Shunfu, Li Linlin and Ye Junwei, executive chairmen of the Presidium of the Standing Committee of the Spain-China Friendship and Cooperation Association, Liu Xiumian, Chairman and Secretary General of the Standing Committee, @Yang Aidi, executive vice president were there too.

The Chinese Association took the opportunity to present an honorary prize to the outgoing director “ Spain-China friendship » to thank them for their positive contributions to safeguarding the security and rights of overseas Chinese in Zaragoza during their tenure.

Martin Parra took the opportunity to declare: “The General Administration of Police has maintained friendly relations with the Association for a long time.. It is an important responsibility of the General Administration to protect Chinese enterprises and overseas Chinese under its jurisdiction”.

  • Also in France, the most important Chinese Associations forge close links with the police administration in charge of the districts where their presence is significant.

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