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China in Europe #7

China in Europe #7


Chinese people in Spain still prey to internet fraud

The Consulate General of Barcelona has warned Chinese nationals to beware of online scams, following numerous complaints recorded this year [Wow]. The consulate invites victims of scams to contact local authorities or the Chinese embassy department dedicated to this problem.

-> online fraud in Spain, who target the Chinese, have been a recurring problem for at least2016, date when the Spanish police had arrested more than 200 fraudsters at once, after having recorded thousands of complaints from Chinese victims.

A first entrepreneurial distinction for a Chinese in Spain

(11 december) The Mayor of Fuenlabrada awarded the “Empresa Amiga de la Familia” distinction, which rewards family businesses, to Chinese entrepreneur Li Huizhe [Li Huizhe]. This is a first in Spain.

-> A little research reveals this Li Huizhe's involvement in Chinese overseas policy. He’s obviously not just an entrepreneur.he is also director of the Youth Committee of the Association of Overseas Chinese in Spain and participates in ralliesorganized by the Chinese Embassy in Spain to celebrate the key dates of “the homeland”.

Foundation of the Association of Chinese Students and Scholars in Spain

A new association [Chinese Students and Scholars Association in the West] is formed around the overseas Chinese community. Chinese Ambassador to Spain Yao Jinassists personally at his first AGM, the 2 december.

In his inaugural speech, the ambassador announced that the association would help develop “the spirit of patriotism” in the hearts of Chinese students.

The Association aims above all to ensure the safety of Chinese students in Spain. Its first president is Duan Lian (Duan Lian), doctoral student in law at the Pontifical University of Camillas in Spain.

Chinese drug trafficking network dismantled

[5 december] The National Guard hasdiscovered, in Guadalajara, an underground facility used to steal electricity to power 9 000 indoor marijuana plants.

A local Chinese mafia had been exploiting this field to supply the region with marijuana for several months. We are talking about 9 000 cannabis plants, which places the operation among the largest cannabis plantations discovered in Spain to date.

Chinese arrested, accused of receiving stolen goods

Thousands of lighters and hundreds of gas bottles were stolen from a warehouse in Alcalá de Henares to be transported to the city of Murcia. A Chinese man was arrested there at the beginning of December by the Spanish police, accused of receiving stolen goods of these stolen items.

The suspect appears to belong to one of these small gangs / Chinese mafias emerging around Chinatowns in Europe.

Three Chinese brothels raided in Mallorca

[21 November 2023] A police operation of around fifty members enabled the arrest of around twenty Chinese accused of pimping in Mallorca [The Molinar, Pere Garau and Plaza de las Columnas]. Exploited women, of Chinese nationality, were treated as slaves – the number of victims has not yet been released by the police.

Chinese pimps concealed their identities by posing as Eastern European services.

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