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National Defense: soon mandatory military training from college

National Defense: soon mandatory military training from college

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This September 1, CPC Central Committee, the State Council and the Central Military Commission issued and “avis” , often prescient, on national defense education.

Military training from the perspective of “peaceful reunification”.

The review is soberly titled “About Strengthening and Reforming Civilian Military Defense Education in the New Era“《Opinions on Strengthening and Improving National Defense Education for All in the New Era》. This review is primarily intended to promote peaceful reunification and the safeguarding of national sovereignty, targeting the irredentist island of Taiwan.

National Defense education aims, elle, at “strengthen the deep feelings of all the people towards the Party, the country and socialism (…) and the responsibility to strengthen the country and the army.

National Defense education has been described in detail in 2014, in this document "national defense education syllabus》, which has in its article 3 : “Basic Tasks (…) : popularize knowledge of national defense, train military skills, cultivate national defense reserve talents, stimulate patriotic enthusiasm, (…), boost self-esteem, Self-confidence, pride, cohesion (…) and the consciousness of duty in the population“.

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