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[Xi's Men] Cai Qi, the cold executor

[Xi's Men] Cai Qi, the cold executor

A relatively privileged youth

No and 1955, Cai Qi [Cai Qi] was born under the sign of the Chinese Communist Party. And for good reason: his father, Cai Xiexiang, is close to one of the most eminent personalities of the nascent People's Republic, a martyr of the revolution executed by the nationalist government (Fang Zhimin).

Cai Qi growing up in Fujian, a province known for its propensity for trade. Like all children who had blue blood at the time, he is sent to be educated in the countryside at 17 years as part of the cultural revolution, in Xiyang.

Tourist view of Xiyang, where the young intellectual was sent to work


And like many privileged, he will stay there for just over a year. Cai Qi, just in his twenties and strong in his new status as a’worker student, peasant or soldier, enters the Department of Political Education at Fujian Normal University – many high-ranking politicians will come out of the benches of this school. He joined the CCP the same year.

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