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[Xi's Men] Ding Xuexiang, the president's butler

[Xi's Men] Ding Xuexiang, the president's butler

Qui est Ding Xuexiang?

Ding Xuexiang (Ding Xuexiang) is born in 1952 in Nantong, Jiangsu. He enters Yashan University (Hebei) at 16 years specializing in forging materials, and began a scientific career at a Shanghai Research Institute attached to the Ministry of Industry. During his 17 years in this institution, he rose through the ranks of a simple researcher to become Deputy Party Secretary and Director of the Institute.

  • He publishes a few scientific articles during his career, like a “Research on the new stainless steel “duplex” for high pressure piston pumps” [Research on New Type Duplex Stainless Steel for Corrosion Resistant High Pressure Piston Pump] and an “Research on the Development of Research Institutes in Shanghai Amid Reform and Opening Up“.

In 1999, Ding Xuexiang, 37 ans, left his career to devote himself to politics and became Deputy Director of the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission. in november 2006, he succeeds Sun Luyi, which was sacked for embezzlement of social security funds, as Deputy Secretary General of the Shanghai Municipal Committee and Director of the General Office of the committee municipal of the party.

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