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Wall Pass No. 150 – Conflict at M.O, illegal extraditions, rearrangements.

Wall Pass No. 150 – Conflict at M.O, illegal extraditions, rearrangements.

China and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

If many seek to “reveal” China’s position in the light of this conflict, the latter is in line with Chinese tradition on the international scene.

  • The Minister of Foreign Affairs renewed the Chinese wish to see the two-state solution succeed, and peace talks resume between the two parties.
  • According Yuval Wax, Israeli ambassador to China, Israel hoped for clearer condemnation from Beijing. In effect, like our glorious comrades of the LFI, with PCC refuse to consider Hamas a terrorist organization.
  • Monday 09 october, the majority leader of the United States Senate, Chuck Schumer, directly request to XJP a stronger condemnation of Hamas.
  • 3 Chinese citizens were killed by Hamas, two are missing [Waijiaobu].
  • An Israeli citizen of Chinese origin [Noah] was kidnapped by Hamas in a video widely distributed on the networks. The Israeli Embassy in China wrote on Weibo : “Noa is a Chinese-Israeli. Noa was attending a peace music festival in southern Israel when Hamas terrorists kidnapped her and dragged her from Israel to Gaza. She is a woman, a sister and a friend…“. China is thus following its policy of strengthening its ties with foreigners of Chinese origin..
  • Wang Yi, Minister of Foreign Affairs, a encounter his Iranian counterpart and representatives of the Arab League. In position: Israel must respect humanitarian law, and China “supports the just Palestinian cause”.
  • The 15 october, US Secretary of State Blinken asked Wang Yi to use his influence to prevent the spread of conflict, by dissuading Iran from getting involved in the conflict.

Note that the propaganda and the “trolls” of the CCP support Palestine on the Chinese internet. This is also the case, indirectly, of a large number of influential academics in China [to see ChinaMed].

China continues its policy of balancing and formal support for decolonial causes. Its relations with its direct neighbors, like Pakistan or Iran, depend on it. It thus seeks to take advantage of the crisis to strengthen its international positions., but missed the opportunity to appear as a strong actor in favor of Human Rights in the first days of the crisis.

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