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[Xi's Men] Wang Huning, the chief ideologue

[Xi's Men] Wang Huning, the chief ideologue

Loyal and silent character, who never gives an interview, Wang Huning became Xi Jinping's ideologue. The press gives few details about his life, in formation, the process that gave him the idea of ​​the rebirth of the Chinese nation and the Chinese dream. Let's dive together into the twists and turns of this sickly thinker that the Chinese have come to know.

Wang Huning : successor to the great ideologues of the Party

Wang Huning was born in Shanghai on 6 october 1955, in a frame family. Huning's father, who has participated to Mao's campaign against Marshal Peng Dehuai, was persecuted during the cultural revolution, from 1966.

A 17 ans, Wang Huning is recommended as a "worker student, peasant or soldier” at Shanghai Normal University to learn French. It is not however did not go “education in the countryside” due to his fragile health. Once graduated, he works as a researcher at the Shanghai branch of the academy Shanghai Social Sciences, before taking a master's degree at Fudan University. On this occasion, he meets his first tutor, Wang Bangzuo [Wang Bangzuo], who heads the international politics department of this university.

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