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Wall pass n°121 – ChatGPT, military lasers, football purge

Wall pass n°121 – ChatGPT, military lasers, football purge


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The priorities 2023 rural labor

Like every year for almost 20 ans, the central government publishes its “document central n°1”, traditionally reserved for the “three rural problems” (Sannong). The term, invented at the end of the years 1990, refers to agricultural issues, rural issues (linked to the development conditions of the villages) and finally the peasant question (income and living conditions). But what are the specificities publishing 2023 why document ?

  • First priority : grain production. The objective is to maintain sufficient production (estimated at 1.3 trillions a day – 1 “jin” corresponds to 500g). An essential measure to preserve both the country's food security and to ensure an income for farmers.
  • Second point : crop diversification. By adapting to different regions, the objective is to formulate plans encouraging the integration of the different food industries (breeding, fishing, etc.).
  • In third place : protection of arable land. Beyond the drought that the country experienced during the summer 2022, Chinese soils are particularly polluted and in danger. In the North East, the rich black soils suitable for agriculture must be “rigorously protected” especially against illegal extraction.
  • Other element : seed and breeding programs. The document calls for the continuation of work on GMOs but also for genetic experiments on farm animals.

The document includes all 8 sections and 33 articles, among the remaining elements we must highlight the continuation of measures to combat poverty. The authorities are also anticipating support measures for the most precarious, to ensure that they do not “fall back into poverty”. Finally, the document mentions the term “harmonious campaigns”, that indicate the consideration of public safety in rural areas. On this topic, see the excellent translation of the CDT on the Sharp Eyes program.

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